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MPI Training and Certification

At last, professionals involved with paints and coatings for buildings and architectural/commercial structures have a training and certification program designed just for them. MPI's curriculum provides knowledge and awards recognition to individuals who have attained mastery in this discipline.

  • MPI training courses capture the body of knowledge possessed by experts in the field of commercial/architectural coatings and make it readily accessible to others in the industry. Our curriculum of online courses makes it easy and cost-effective to train both new and seasoned staff.
  • MPI certification provides credibility and public, third-party recognition that an individual has attained a deep understanding of the principles behind and practices required for a successful painting project.

Who Should Attend MPI's Online Courses

MPI training is designed to educate and certify paint manufacturer personnel, painting contractors, general contractors, architects and paint specifiers, and facility/property managers and supervisors in both the public and private sector who are responsible for protecting their organization's assets.

MPI certification also meets the quality control/inspector training requirement for contractors applying for SSPC QP-9 Painting Contractor Certification, which covers contractor firms that paint commercial and institutional structures.

While certification is offered at each level, the full curriculum is designed for paint professionals who wish to become MPI-Certified Coating Inspectors for commercial/architectural coatings - an entirely different discipline than the inspection of corrosion-resistant protective coatings. Inspector Certification requires passing the course and exam at all levels as well as a peer review.

MPI Courses and Certifications Offered

    Level 1: Architectural Coatings Essentials

    Students who pass the course Essentials of Paint and Painting Technology will possess excellent working knowledge in the basics of paint chemistry, manufacture, and principles of color; paint application methods; how to work safely with paint; relevant standards; paint specifications; and environmental regulations/compliance practices. Both the course and exam are completely online.

    Price for course and exam (all online): $350
    Certification upon successful completion: Architectural Coating Technologist (ACT). Click here for details and registration information.

    Level 2: Coatings Specialist Training

  • Architectural (New) Painting
  • Maintenance Repainting

  • MPI's Level 2 is the advanced knowledge owned by the experts in our industry. The content focuses on mastering the challenges of the substrates encountered in architectural/commercial painting, with one course dedicated to Architectural (New) Painting, and a parallel course for Maintenance Repainting.

    Both courses describe the best practices for painting the 25 most common substrates encountered in the built environment, including the characteristics of each substrate; how to determine what flaws or conditions must be rectified prior to painting; how surface condition affects the choice of paint system; which paint systems are commonly used for that substrate; surface preparation practices and techniques; and basic quality assurance/inspection practices.

    Graduates receive a one-year subscription to MPI's online Painting Specification Manual.

    For both courses, the content as well as the exams are online.

    Architectural (New) Painting Course and Exam Price: $1125
    Certification upon successful completion: MPI Architectural Coating Specialist - ACS
    Click here
    to register.

    Maintenance Repainting Course and Exam Price : $1125
    Certification upon successful completion: MPI Maintenance Coating Specialist (MCS)

    Click here to register.

    Level 3: Inspection and Inspector Certification
    (Under construction)

    Course content includes how to write detailed paint specs for either new construction or maintenance projects; using the gages and protocols required for inspection; how to document job quality and adherence to the specification; and how to identify potential problems before they become costly mistakes. Peer review allows the student to achieve "MPI Certified Coating Inspector" certification, and at the top level, the enviable designation of Master, Paint Quality Assurance.

    Most of the course material is presented on-line. After completion of the on-line portion, students must attend a one-day hands-on session and proctored final exam to attain certification.

    Price for Course/Exam: $1125
    Peer Review and Inspector Certification Application:
    Certification Options: MPI Architectural Coating Inspector, MPI Maintenance Coating Inspector; Master, Paint Quality Assurance.

For more information, contact MPI headquarters at 1-888-674-8937 or email

Architectural Painting Manual (printed version) Architectural Painting Manual (online version) Training And Certification MPI Standards Maintenance Repainting Manual (printed version)  Maintenance Repainting Manual (online version) MPI Glossary Approved Products List (printed version) Approved Products List (pdf version) Identifiers: Defects and Failures