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MPI Online Training and Certification

MPI's training and certification provides knowledge and awards recognition to individuals who have attained mastery in the field of architectural/commercial coatings.

Level 2: Certified Coatings Specialist Training
• Course 2A: Architectural (New) Painting
• Course 2B: Maintenance Repainting

MPI's Level 2 is the advanced knowledge owned by the experts in our industry. Students will be trained to master the best practices for painting each of the 25 interior and exterior substrates commonly found in building environments, including:

  • metal surfaces: steel, galvanized, stainless, copper, aluminum
  • drywall, stucco, and plaster
  • all types of wood construction: dressed lumber (doors, trim, etc), paneling, decks and stairs, shingles and shakes, etc.
  • concrete walls, decks, and floors
  • concrete masonry units (CMU) and brick

Students will learn how to assure success and avoid costly do-overs through rigorous study of...

  • how to write strong specifications for either new or re-paint projects
  • the characteristics and composition of each substrate
  • how to evaluate surface condition and determine which flaws must be rectified prior to painting
  • which paint systems are commonly used for each substrate, and conditions that may restrict their use
  • proper surface prep practices for each substrate
  • basic quality assurance practices
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How Level 2 Works

Level 2 consists of two parallel online courses. Course A is the definitive course on good practice in new construction painting, and Course B covers best practices for Maintenance Repainting. Graduates receive a one-year subscription to MPI's online Painting Specification Manual.

Level 2 Architectural Coating Specialist certificationCourse: Architectural (New) Painting
Price: $1125 (includes exam)
Certification upon successful completion: Architectural Coating Specialist (ACS)
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Course: Maintenance Repainting
Price: $1125 (includes exam)
Certification upon successful completion: Maintenance Coating Specialist (MCS)
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