MPI Approved Guide Formulas List

MPI #   139      Latex, Interior, High Performance Architectural, (MPI Gloss Level 3)
Note: Requires a properly-prepared Level 5 drywall finish. See "Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board ASTM C 840". A high performance architectural latex coating, Gloss Level 3 (an 'eggshell-like' finish, similar to Alkyd eggshell). Designed to provide a significantly higher level of performance than conventional latex paints in the areas of scrub resistance, burnish resistance, and ease of stain removal.
[Characteristics evaluated include gloss levels of 10-25 units @ 60 and 10-35 units at 85, hiding power, scrubbability, stain removal, burnish resistance, flexibility, and application properties. See MPI 'Detailed Performance' Specs for complete details, specific requirements, and/or reference specs.]

MPI VOC Ranges (grams/L) E3   <51 g/l E2   51 - 150 g/l E1   151 - 250 g/l > E '0' - outside range, n/a - unavailable
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E Range