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MPI #   98      Epoxy, High Build, Gloss
A high build, solvent based, two component epoxy for application over an epoxy (MPI #101) or zinc rich primer (MPI #20) to provide protection to exterior/interior steel surfaces in marine or industrial environments. Also used for masonry and concrete surfaces where a durable, chemical resistant film is required. On new concrete masonry units, used over epoxy block filler (MPI #116). Used as an intermediate coat for MPI #72 Aliphatic Polyurethane. Primary application is airless or conventional spray, but small areas can be touched up by brush.
[See MPI 'Detailed Performance' Specs for complete details, specific requirements, and/or reference specs.]
MPI Detailed Performance
MPI VOC Ranges (grams/L) E3   <221 g/l E2   221 - 320 g/l E1   321 - 420 g/l E '0' - outside range, n/a - unavailable
meets GPS-1 for Standard Category: Industrial Maintenance Coatings   meets RG (OTC or EC)    meets LEED 2009 (excluding LEED for schools)

Listing Mfr Label Product Name Code
Benjamin Moore Corotech Polyamide Epoxy Coating V400
E 1
Cloverdale Paint High Performance ClovaCoat 300 Epoxy High Gloss White 83300
E 1
NANO Z COATING LTD NANO Z Coating Anti Corrosion 700 ESP700
E n/a
E n/a
PPG Architectural High Performance Coatings HPC High Gloss Epoxy 95-502/95-506
E 3
PPG Architectural PMC PPG HPC High Gloss Epoxy 95-501/95-506
E 3
Rust-Oleum Rust Oleum 9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic 9192402
E 3
Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial High Performance Epoxy B67W00201/B67V00200
E 2
Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Tile-Clad High Solids B62WZ0111/B60VZ0070
E 1