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MPI #   120      Epoxy, High Build, Self Priming, Low Gloss
A 2 component epoxy, high solids, low gloss coating for use on interior or exterior ferrous metal surfaces. This material may be applied directly to metal without the use of a primer. Intended for use in areas of severe industrial and marine environments. For increased durability, this product may be top-coated with 2 component epoxy or polyurethane enamels.
MPI Detailed Performance
MPI VOC Ranges (grams/L) E3   g/l E2   g/l E1   g/l E '0' - outside range, n/a - unavailable

Listing Mfr Label Product Name Code
Axalta Coating Systems C.A. Axalta 25P Corlar 25P 25P
E 1
Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Macropoxy 646 Fast Cure Epoxy B58W00610/B58V00600
E 2