MPI Approved Products List
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MPI #   197      Varnish, Exterior, Water Based, (High Gloss) MPI Gloss Level 7
A water based clear varnish for exterior wood trim, frames, doors, beams, columns, and paneling.  Used in residential, commercial, and institutional locations or where solvent fumes from conventional varnishes pose a health or safety problem.  These varnishes shall be “self sealing” on new or bare hardwood and softwood surfaces.  Primary application methods include airless, HVLP and/or conventional spray, may also be applied by roller or brush.
Gloss must be a minimum of 85 units at 60°. Other characteristics reviewed include accelerated weathering and mold and mildew resistance. See MPI 'Detailed Performance' Specs for complete details, specific requirements, and/or reference specs.
MPI Detailed Performance
MPI VOC Ranges (grams/L) E3   <101 g/l E2   101-250 g/l E1   251-350 g/l E '0' - outside range, n/a - unavailable

Listing Mfr Label Product Name Code
Old Masters Old Masters Exterior Water-Based Spar-Urethane Gloss 744/C744
E 1
Sherwin-Williams Minwax Helmsman Water Based Spar Urethane Gloss 10500/30500
E 2