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MPI #   203      Polyurethane, Moisture Cured, Pigmented, Gloss (MPI Gloss Level 6)
A single component moisture curing polyurethane, pigmented, solvent based gloss enamel intended for use on properly prepared metal, concrete, gypsum board, plaster and wood surfaces for interior or exterior exposure. The enamel will have a high degree of water and chemical resistance and provide good resistance to exterior weathering.
[See MPI 'Detailed Performance' Specs for complete details, specific requirements, and/or reference specs.]
MPI Detailed Performance
MPI VOC Ranges (grams/L) E3   g/l E2   g/l E1   g/l E '0' - outside range, n/a - unavailable

Listing Mfr Label Product Name Code
Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Corothane 1 - HS Moisture Cure Urethane B65W00050
E n/a