Listing Manufacturers Contact Information

The following profiles have been excerpted from information provided by the listing manufacturers. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. Should you require more information concerning these companies, contact MPI at 1-888-674-8937.
Acrylic Technologies Inc.  503-282-2591    
Headquartered in Portland Oregeon, Acrylic Technologies Inc. manufactures and distributes architectural primers. Their distribution is through individual and retail dealers in Canada and the USA.

AkzoNobel Paints    
Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this global company (since 1646) manufactures and supplies a complete range of protective coatings, linings and fire protection products. Their products are distributed through company-owned Protective Coating Centres, and third part distributors through North America and around the world.

Al-Jazeera Factory for Paints Co.  966-7-221-1111/238-8888    
Founded in 1979, Al-Jazeera Factory for Paints Company; produces decorative, architectural, industrial, marine and wood coatings. Their products are sold through individual dealers and company stores. Their geographical distribution area includes parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Axalta Coating Systems Central America    
Founded in 2004, Axalta produces industrial, architectural and automotive coatings. Their products are sold through individual dealers and company stores. Their geographical distribution area includes Central America and the Caribbean.

Axalta Coating Systems Texas  1-855-629-2582    
Founded in 1866, Axalta Coating Systems is a global produced and distributor of automotive and industrial coatings.

Beauti-Tone Paint    
Beauti-Tone paint has produced architectural coatings for consumers and professionals since 1979. Their products are available at more than 1000 Home Hardware stores and building centres across Canada.

Behr Process Corporation  1-800-854-0133    
Behr Process Corporation was founded in 1947 by Otho Behr. Originally, just a stain & varnish manufacturer, Behr entered into architectural coatings in 1986 and became part of the Masco Group of companies in 1999. Behr products are distributed through Home Depot in both Canada and the United States.

Benjamin Moore and Co.  1-800-826-2623 (US)1-800-304-0304 (Canada) Canadian site
Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited produces full lines of industrial, architectural, specialty and commercial products at 22 Benjamin Moore plants throughout North America and New Zealand. Individual dealers distribute their products.

Berger Paints Emirates Limited  +971-4-3391-000    
Berger Paints Emirates Limited, manufacture architectural, wood and marine coatings. Distribution is through Dubai to many of the CIS and African countries.

Betonel (PPG Industries)  1-800-Betonel (238-6635)    
Bétonel Ltd. was founded in 1959. Bétonel and Dulux paints are manufactured in Canada in one of three manufacturing facilities in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Bétonel Dulux stores and authorized dealers carry a wide range of Bétonel, Dulux, PPG PMC and Glidden products in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Bétonel Dulux was acquired by PPG Industries Inc. in 2013. Bétonel is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Inc.

Cano Coatings Inc.    
Founded in 2001, Cano Coatings Inc. manufactures intumescent paint for wood substrates. Their distribution is through individual and retail dealers throughout Canada and the USA.

Carboline Company  1-888-227-2654    
Founded in 1947, Carboline Company manufactures high performance coatings, linings and fireproofing products that are distributed globally through company owned warehouses.

Chemcoat Inc.         

CHEMIPAINT (Universal Paint and Chemical Industries)    
Founded in 2005, Chemipaint manufactures and distributes industrial, decorative, architectural, and specialty coatings through individual dealers and company stores. Headquartered in the UAE and with sister companies in Iraq and Lebanon, Chemipaint distributes to Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Cloverdale Paint    
Founded in 1933 in Langley BC, Cloverdale Paint manufactures architectural, industrial, specialty and high performance coatings in plants located in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba and Oregon. Products are distributed through company owned stores, factory direct to customers or through dealers throughout Cnada and the US. Cloverdale Paint is 100% Canadian and is a privately owned business.

Color Wheel Paints (Sherwin-Williams)  1-800-749-6810    
Founded in 1960, Color Wheel manufactures and distributes their architectural, commercial, and industrial paints, coatings and decking products throughout Florida and the Southeast United States. Comex Group was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2013.

Colorhouse (Dunn-Edwards)    
Founded in 2005, Colorhouse manufactures specialty and architectural paint products. They have national distribution through dealers, retailers and direct sales.

Colortek (Kassaa Paints Group)  961 130 3414    
Founded in 1960 Colortek (Kassaa Paints Group SARL) produces architectural and speciality paint products. Their products are distributed through Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf Copperation Council.

Columbia Paint  1-800-537-8350    
Columbia Paint & Coatings Inc. was founded in 1948. Columbia produces industrial, specialty and architectural coatings for distribution throughout western North America by a wide network of individual dealers and 34 company stores.

Conco® Paints  1-888-388-2426    
Founded in 1918, Conco Paints, manufactures a full line of architectural and specialty coatings. The distribution area for Conco Paints is the US Midwest and the products are sold exclusively through ‘home improvement’ stores.

Consolidated Coatings  1-800-663-5690    
Founded in 1981, Consolidated Coatings offers a complete line of products for interior, exterior, marine, industrial and forestry coatings, Their products are avaialble in Canada & the US.

Coronado Paint (Benjamin Moore)  1-800-883-4193    
Founded in 1957, Coronado Paint Company distributes its architectural, industrial, specialty and multi-color products through dealers and distributors throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Davis Paint Co.  1-800-821-2029    
Founded in 1921, Davis Paint Co., produces industrial, architectural and specialty paint products in their manufacturing facilities located in Kansas City, under their own and private labels. Their products are distributed throughout the greater Midwest by company stores and dealers.

Deft Inc.(PPG Industries)    
Founded in 1953, Deft Inc. manufacturers coating systems for the aerospace and industrial markets. They also manufacture professional and consumer wood finishes.

Delaware Paint Company  1-740-368-9981    
Founded in 2000, the Delaware Paint Company manufactures industrial and specialty coatings in Ohio for use across the US.

Devoe Coatings (Akzo Nobel)  1-800-654-2616    
Founded in 1754, Devoe Coatings is now a wholly owned brand of AkzoNobel (described above). Devoe Coatings full range of protective coatings and linings are distributed through AkzoNobel’s Protective Coating Centers and an extensive network of Independent dealers across North America.

Diamond Vogel  1-800- 728-6435    
Diamond Vogel Paints is a family owned paint manufacturing business that has been in existence since 1926. It is based in the mid western United States and has its headquarters in Orange City, Iowa. Diamond Vogel has a total of 5 manufacturing facilities and over 70 service center outlets. Their products include: architectural, industrial, heavy-duty protective coatings and home decorating products.

Ducan Industries Ltd.  1-800-943-8226    
Founded in 1971, Ducan Industries Ltd. manufactures architectural, industrial, and specialty coatings. They distribute their products through building supply dealers and home centers located throughout Canada and the Western United States.

Duckback Products (Sherwin-Williams)  1-800-825-5382    
Duckback Products, manufacture architectural & specialty coatings. They are distributed throughout the US, Canada & Mexico by a network of dealers. Duckback was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2013.

Dulux Paints (PPG Industries)  1-800-387-3663    
Dulux is manufactured in Canada in one of three manufacturing facilities in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Dulux is distributed through an extensive network of Dulux Paint stores, Betonel Dulux stores and Authorized Dealers. The stores carry a wide selection of Dulux, Glidden, Flood and PPG PMC branded coatings. Dulux Paints was acquired by PPG Industries Inc. in 2013. Dulux is a registered trademark of AkzoNobel and is licensed to PPG Architectural Coatings Canada Inc., for use in Canada only.

Dunn-Edwards  1-888-DEPAINT(337-2468)    
Founded in 1925, Dunn-Edwards distributes its architectural and light industrial coatings through dealers and company owned stores throughout the Southwest of the USA, Hawaii and China. Manufacturing facilities are located in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Durock Alfacing International Ltd.  1-888-238-6345    
Founded in 1978, Durock manufactures oroducts for exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS) and specialty coatings for floors and walls. They have global distribution through dealers and distributors.

Envirocoatings  1-888-792-4411    
Founded in 1960, Envirocoatings Inc. serves the commercial, industrial and residential market across Canada and in the USA. Their products are waterborne “environmentally green” products containing ceramic additives. Distribution is through retail stores, stocking dealers and a variety of distributors.

Euclid Chemical Company  1-800-321-7628    
Euclid Chemical Company has supplied products for concrete & masonry for 90 years. They purchased Tamms Industries Inc. in 2006 and they distribute Tamms products in the US and Canada.

Farrell-Calhoun  1-888-832-7735    
Founded in 1905, Farrell-Calhoun distributes its full range of coatings to the S.E. and mid-west United States. Company stores and individual dealers cater to professional painting contractors.

Firefree Coatings, Inc.  1-888-990-3388    
Firefree Coatings, Inc., founded in 1994, manufacture industrial, commercial and architectural fire resistant/retardant coatings. Their products are distributed through individual dealers.

Fosam Company Limited – Saudi Fosroc  966-12-60-80-999    
Founded in 1982, Fosam Company Limited manufactures Architectural and Construction chemicals. They distrubute they products in Saudi Arabia to company stores and individual dealers.

Frazee (Sherwin-Williams)  1-800-477-9991    
Founded in 1896, Frazee products are distributed through company stores, dealers or franchises in California, Arizona, Nevada, Northern Mexico and Guam. Frazee’s line of architectural coatings are manufactured in San Diego, CA. Frazee was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2013.

General Paint (Sherwin-Williams)  1-888-301-4454    
Founded in 1911, General Paint products are available from 70 company owned stores and approx. 560 dealers within Western Canada and in China. Manufacturing facilities are in Vancouver, B.C. They manufacture full lines of architectural, light industrial and traffic marking coatings. General Paint was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2013.

Genesis Coatings Inc.  1-800-533-4273    
Founded in 1989, Genesis Coatings produces a wide range of VOC, LEED and SCAQMD compliant coatings and cleaners for industrial, architectural, OEM, theme, anti-graffiti and floor applications. Products are sold through distributors in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China.

Glidden Professional (PPG Industries)    
The Glidden Professional paint brand is sold through Glidden Professional Paint Centers and authorized independent paint dealers across the United States. Glidden Professional is a brand of AkzoNobel. Glidden Professional was acquired byy PPG in 2013.

Hallman Lindsay  1-888-331-5330    
Originally founded in 1956 as Hallman Paint, this paint manufacturing company joined forces with Lindsay Finishes in 1991 to form Hallman Lindsay Paint. Today it is the only Wisconsin-owned paint manufacturer that owns and operates 20 stores throughout the state.

Hempel A/S    
Founded in 1917, Hempel A/S (ME - Middle East), manufacture marine, protective and architectural (decorative) coatings. Their products are distributed globally through individual dealers, company showrooms and direct sales.

Hempel Canada  1-800-661-3201    
Founded in 1915, Hempel Canada, manufacturers industrial, marine, container coatings in North America and around the world. Product Distribution is to warehouses and dealers worldwide.

Hirshfield’s Paint    
Founded in 1894, Hirshfield began manufacturing architectural & industrial products in 1982. Product distribution is through 20 company stores and 20 dealers in the upper mid-western United States. It is a member of Color Systems International - Millennium Color System.

H-I-S Coatings, LLC  1-800-553-2077    
Founded in 1972, H-I-S Coatings produces architectural and industrial coatings that are distributed throughout North & South America through company stores and distributors. They have a small manufacturing facility in China and are members of the Color Guild.

Indmar Coatings  1-800-400-2361    
Founded in 1993, Indmar Coatings manufactures industrial, marine, OEM, specialty and architectural coatings. Geographical distribution is worldwide.

Insl-X Products  1-800-225-5554    
Founded in 1936, Insl-X manufactures its products in New York and distributes through warehouses, dealers and distributors throughout North America and Europe. Its product line includes industrial, specialty industrial, architectural and OEM coatings.

Jotun U.A.E. Ltd.    
Founded in 1974, Jotun manufactures decorative, protective and marine paints. Geographical distribution to U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain.

KCC Corporation  1-82-080-022-8200    
Founded in 1958, KCC Corporation manufactures industrial, specialty and architectural coatings. They offer distribution and service in Korea, China, and Singapore.

Kelly-Moore  1-800-874-4436    
Founded in 1946, Kelly-Moore Paint Company is an employee owned company. The company manufacturers architectural and industrial maintenance coatings, and distributes through company-owned stores in the domestic market, and through distributors outside the continental USA. Principal distribution area is the Western United States, with additional distribution in the South Pacific, Russia and Asia.

Kuwait Paint Company  +965 24832644       
Founded in 1978, Kuwait Paint Company manufactures the complete range of Decorative, Protective and Industrial coatings. Their products are available in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Iraq and Egypt.

Kwal Paint (Sherwin-Williams)  1-800-383-8406    
Founded in 1947, Kwal Paint Co. employs 495 people. They are a manufacturer of architectural and light industrial products which are distributed through a network of company stores and dealers in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. Kwal Paint was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2013.

Lanco & Harris Corp.  1-407-240-4000    
Founded in 2001, Lanco & Harris Corp. manufacturers architectural coatings, roof coatings, textured coatings, and other specialty materials. Their distribution is through company stores, dealers, DIY centers and distributors in the US.

Lanco Mfg.  1-787-605-1002    
Founded in 1978, Lanco Paint's products include industrial, specialty and architectural coatings. Their distribution area includes Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands.

M.A.B. Paints  1-800-622-1899    
M.A.B. Paints, founded in 1899. Located in Broomall PA, they distribute their line of architectural and industrial products through company owned stores and individual dealers on the east coast and Midwest, and as far south as Florida.

Mapei Corporation  1-800-992-6273    
Founded in 1937, Mapei is committed to protecting earth, using energy and resources sustainably minimizing waste, and developing and supplying products with user-safety in mind, while being good corporate citizens.

Master Paints & Chemical Corp.    
Founded in 1999, Master Paints & Chemical Corp. produces and distributes architectural, industrial and specialty products to Puerto Rico, Florida and several Caribbean islands. Their distribution is through independent dealers.

Masterchem Industries  1-800-325-3552    
Masterchem Industries (a Masco Company) was established over 40 years ago and manufactures architectural coatings including primers, spray paints and rust-preventive coatings. Brand names include KILZ and Hammerite. Their products are distributed throughout North America via big box stores, national retailers, paint & hardware stores and distributors.

McCormick Paints  1-877-PAINT55    
Founded in 1960, McCormick Paints distributes Architectural, Light Industrial and Specialty paints through their company owned stores and dealers throughout the mid Atlantic region.

Mercury Paint Corp.  1-800-858-8787    
Founded in 1947 Mercury Paint is New York’s largest independent paint manufacturer providing paints and specialized coatings to a wide variety of customers. Family-owned and operated for three generations, it is our vision to manufacture and market innovative products of superior quality for every application in the residential, architectural, commercial, and industrial marketplace.

Micca Paint  1-800-361-3238    

Miller Paint  1-800-852-3254    
The Miller Paint Company is a regional manufacturer of architectural, industrial and specialty products in the Pacific Northwest. The company was founded in 1890 and distributes their products through company stores and various dealers.

Monopole Inc.         

NANO Z COATING LTD  +972-3-7166565    

National Paints Factories Co. Ltd.    
Founded in 1977, National Paints Factories Co. Ltd., produce decorative, industrial, marine and specialty coatings and products. Their products are distributed throughout the Middle East, Africa, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Russia, etc. via individual dealers, company stores and exporters.

Neogard  1-888-321-6588    
Founded in 1928, Neogard manufactures industrial and construction coatings (elastomeric coatings). Their methods of distribution are through: direct sales, company stores and authorized distributors. Geographical distribution is worldwide. Neogard is a member of Color Guild.

NoFire Technologies Inc.  1-800-603-4730    
NoFire is a manufacturer of patented, high performance, non toxic fire protective products for government and industry with worldwide distribution.

Noroo Paint & Coatings Co. Ltd.    
Founded in 2006, Noroo Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd, manufacture architectural, industrial, automotive and specialty coatings. They distribute their products to Korea, China, Japan, Asia and Europe through individual dealers and company stores.

Old Masters  1-800-747-3436    
Old Masters (since 1953) manufacture wood stain, finishes and specialty products that are distributed through individual dealers (paint, hardware, lumberyards). Geographical distribution areas include: US, Canada and Mexico.

O'Leary Paint  1-800-477-2066    
Founded in 1891, O'Leary Paint is a Michigan-based that manufactures architectural coatings. Their products are distributed through company-owned stores in Michigan and Indiana.

Para Paints  1-800-461-7272    
Founded in 1915, Para distributes products through independent dealers & building centers primarily in Canada, but also in the United States, Europe and the Orient. Manufacturing facilities are located in Ontario and products include architectural and specialty coatings.

Parker Paint (Sherwin-Williams)  1-800 US PAINT (877-2468)    
Founded in 1945, Parker, with 200 employees distribute architectural and decorative coatings through 37 company stores and 70 dealers in the northwest U.S. including Alaska. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Professional Paint Inc. Parker Paint was acquired by Sherwin-Williams in 2013.

Peintures MF Inc.  1-800 363-8034    
Peintures MF Inc. (since 1967) manufacture architectural coatings that are distributed through individual retailers. Geographical distribution areas include: Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces

PPG Architectural Coatings Inc.  1-888-774-1010    
Founded in 1883, PPG products are distributed throughout North America through company stores, independent dealers and some ‘big box’ stores. The types of PPG products manufactured and sold are: architectural, industrial, specialty, high performance coatings, intumescent fire protective coatings and resinous floor coatings.

Pratt & Lambert Paints  1-800-289-7728    
Founded in 1849 in Buffalo – New York, Pratt & Lambert Paints is a leading producer of architectural and heavy-duty maintenance coatings for the industrial, architectural and consumer markets. Pratt & Lambert coatings are marketed through independent dealers and independent hardware stores.

Professional Products Direct  1-855-908-3837    
Founded in 2011, Professional Products Direct manufactures and distributes their line of specialty and industrial concrete sealers through factory direct sales and dealer store partnerships.

Quantum Chemical  1-800-426-0458    
QuantumTechical Services Ltd. (formerly Magna Coatings Technology Inc.) was founded in 1998 and manufactures fire retardant coatings for industrial, specialty and architectural applications. Distribution is through individual dealers and company stores throughout North America.

Richard's Paint Mfg.  1-800-432-0983    
Founded in 1954, Richard's Paint manufactures architectural, industrial and specialty coatings. Geographical distribution includes the eastern half of the US.


Rodda Paint Co.  1-800-452-2315    
Founded in 1932, Rodda Paint Company distributes its architectural, industrial and specialty products through company stores throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Affiliated with Cloverdale Paint Canada.

Rust-Oleum Corporation  1-800-282-2016    
Founded in 1921, Rust-Oleum Corporation manufactures Industrial maintenance paints and coatings. Products are sold world-wide through industrial distribution and selected paint stores.

Samhwa Paint Ind. Co. Ltd.    
Founded in 1946, Samhwa Paint manufactures architectural paint products as well as specialty commercial coatings. Geographical distribution areas include: Korea, China, Vietnam and other asian countries.

Saudi Chemical Industries Co. Ltd.    
Founded in 1974, Saudi Chemical Industries, manufacture architectural and industrial paints. Their products are distributed through company stores, individual dealers and distributors throughout Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. They are a licensee of Akzo Nobel for Dulux architectural products in Saudi Arabia.

Seagrave Coatings Corp.    
Founded in 1846, Seagrave Coatings Corp produces specialty maintenance and industrial coatings, which are distributed across the US as well as globally.

Sherwin Williams de Centro America  +503 2133-2315    
Founded in 1959, Sherwin Williams de Centro America distributes architectural, industrial, automotive and wood care coatings throughout Central America.

Sherwin-Williams  1-800-4-SHERWIN (1-800-743-7947)    
The Sherwin-Williams Company was founded in 1866. Their products include architectural, industrial, marine and OEM coatings. They are one of the largest paint companies in the world and their products are distributed through company stores world-wide.

Sico (PPG Industries)  1-800-463-5100    
Sico was founded in 1937. Sico products are distributed by independent dealers and company-owned stores throughout Canada. Sico produces architectural and industrial coatings, as well as caulking/sealants and adhesives. Sico is manufactured in Canada in one of the three manufacturing facilities in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Sico is a brand owned by Akzo Nobel Canada Inc. Sico was acquired by PPG in 2013.

Tex-Cote LLC  1-800-454-0340    
Founded in 1961, Tex-Cote, develop decorative & protective high-build architectural coatings. Distribution is through the US, Canada and various other countries.

ThermaCote, Inc         

Tibbetts Newport Corp.         

Tnemec  +1 816-483-3400    

True Value Mfg.    
Founded in 1948, True Value Mfg., manufacture architectural, industrial and specialty coatings. Their coatings are sold through individual paint dealers as well as customer partners. Geographical distribution is global.

United Gilsonite Laboratories  1-800-272-3235    
Founded in 1932, United Gilsonite Laboratories manufactures over 80 paint specialty and home maintenance products marketed under the brand names UGL, DRYLOCK, ZAR and Temproof. Their products are distributed throughout the US and internationally by dealers.

Valley Paint Manufacturing Co.  801-298-4581    
Founded in 1982, Valley Paint Manufacturing produces industrial, architectural, and specialty coatings for use across the western US and Pacific northwest.

Valspar Corporation  1-888-313-5569    
The Valspar Corporation manufactures architectural coatings, industrial coatings as well as stains and varnishes. The products are sold through Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouses and independent retailers. Geographical distribution areas include: USA , Canada and Mexico.

Vista Paint    
Founded in 1954. Vista distributes its light industrial and architectural products through company retail outlets and individual dealers throughout California and Nevada, and through exporters in Asia.

These profiles have been excerpted from information provided by the listing manufacturers. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. Should you require more information concerning these companies, contact them directly or MPI at 1-888-674-8937. Watch this space for more North American Manufacturers - 2009 [Back to the Approved Products List]