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Policy Instruction

For step by step instructions on using the Specify Paint Decision Tree, please see the slideshow below.

Specify Paint Case Study

The downloadable flow chart demonstrates the two methods of using the decision tree method of specifying MPI paint systems.

  • • There is the advanced method where the user is taken to the list of substrates and
    systems without having to answer any questions.

  • • The second method allows the user to choose the division, substrate, desired finish type and the performance criteria.
    Once these choices are made an MPI paint system appears with a highlighted gloss level (when appropriate) given
    the criteria that you have listed. This is the most appropriate system and gloss level, however you have the opportunity
    to change the gloss level or system if you so choose.

  • • The system is then saved to the database which you can download as an excel file at the culmination of your full
    specification. If you log out before saving the file to your computer the choices you have made will not be available
    – you must start again.

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